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Indian fashion blogger, Bangalore, styling one shoulder

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about making this year, a year full of experiments and overcoming inhibitions on the fashion front. I started with baby steps, opting to wear a skirt in pretty pastel colors and a white tee, was my first step!

But then, after getting the wonderful response from everyone, I decided it was time to start experimenting! Last year the “off-shoulder” trend was all the rage, still is! So much so that it became mainstream. And, I don’t do mainstream. But since this year is all about experimenting, I am going with this year’s mainstream trends, one shoulder and ruffles!  Also, this is a bit out of my comfort zone, so it’s perfect! Yeah, you read that right, it IS perfect!

Indian fashion blogger, Bangalore, styling one shoulder

In fact coming out of my comfort zone, made me realize, that I won’t understand what I truly like until and unless I come out of that bubble I live in. Well, I am super self-conscious or rather I have grown to be, in the past few years. But, I am happy because, I am slowly getting back to my old “I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-ass-to-what-you-think” self.

Being happy and carefree is what I want from myself in my life, apart from a ticket to travel anywhere, anytime! Well, that isn’t happing soon! Or ever! {See, I told you all that I have been bit by the travel bug!}

 Since, I will be turning 25 this year and I want to achieve a few things before that happens, one of them is going back to being my old self! I am making progress, but let’s see how it turns out!

Indian fashion blogger, Bangalore, styling one shoulder

As far as this outfit goes, I styled this powder blue one shoulder top, with high waist, straight cut jeans! I wanted to keep my shoes muted, because I only like making subtle statements. And I already have the top and the bag to take care of making a statement. I have been reaching out for this cute velvet sling bag, which looks a lot like a back pack, a lot! For jewelry, I am only wearing a simple ear cuff and that’s all!

Now, what do you think about breaking the barriers, which you, yourself, have set for you! I think the feeling is exhilarating and truly makes you realize your own potential!
Cheers to breaking our own boundaries and growing without a care of the world!  

Top & Bag - Koovs , Jeans - Levi's , Shoes - Footin 
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