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Glass nail files from Aveniro.com
When it comes to shaping my nail, I can say I am not good! But when you are trying to get better you try things, experiment until you get things right.  

So when I was looking to improve my nail filing skills, I tried all sorts of files. First came the rough steel files, which turned out to be a total waste! Steel files damage your nails and don’t even give a good finished result! Next, I gave the standard emery board file a try. Now this one was okay but didn’t help either.  

So when you are trying out something, you definitely want to give the best options a try. But as it happens, finding the best option, which is a glass file, in India was extremely difficult. I ordered one, which was not extremely expensive, from amazon, but it came to me in pieces. The second one I ordered was so abrasive that it started peeling my nails and behaving like a metallic nail file!  

So, I gave up hope to find glass files in India! But, when Aveniro.com  approached me to give their nail files a try, I couldn’t be happier! Aveniro is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of Glass nail files and they are based out of Czech Republic. They have a variety of nail files in terms of size and design! I love the printed ones the most because they are the cutest!  

Now coming down to the part, why I actually like the nail files from Aveniro! Keeping aside the wonderful designs, they are perfect to file your nails with.  
Now my nails are considerably healthy, but I asked a friend who has damaged and brittle to give it a try. In both the cases, I did not notice any peeling or splitting of nail which is very much there in case of metal files! Glass files are usually the mildest, but not very effective. But I could use these files with ease and these are highly effective 

The fact that they have two sizes for the same is even better! I have been using this for a couple months and the abrasive surface remains the same. This is a specialty of the Aveniro glass files, the wear and tear is very less, and so you can use a file for as long as you please!  
Apart from the nail files, I also gave their foot file a try and I have not tried anything else since then! This file has two sides, a coarse side and a less abrasive side.  I usually use it on my dry feet and love the results! 

Foot file from Aveniro.com
So all in all, I really like the Aveniro nail files because of the effective results the glass files give, without causing any damages to the nails, because I can use it for as long as I want due to such a low wear and tear and lastly because the variety of nail files they have is simply great!  

Considering the overseas shipment, they are very quick to deliver the products to you!  

Do let me know what you think of these and what type of nail files you like to use! Because I honestly cannot go back to other nail files after using this! And apparently, this is the best type of nail files for all nail types!  

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