Shubho NoboBorsho!

Poila Boishak has always been a day for which I wait eagerly! Dressing up in clothes purchased specially for this day, celebrating and welcoming the Bengali New Year with my family and friends is something I look forward to every year.

Coming to the dressing up part, this year I want to wear a saree. I have one with me here in Bangalore and I am going to wear that. But, I have come to love handloom sarees because of the fact that they are so lightweight, the fabrics are breathable and look so lovely.
Light and pastel colors are always perfect for summers and especially in a climate like Kolkata’s. And, I can never tire of saying this, as a Bengali girl I love draping a saree on any given day, along with a number of other things. And that is why I wish that I had a handloom saree with me to wear here on Poila Boishak.

Now I do not want to stereotype, but we Bengali girls do love finding comfort in a good book, fervently discussing and debating on social issues, a good piece of art or music or dance, taking stand for what we believe is correct and number of other things, but above all, we do not take any shit from anyone! Most of us are women who define how to be modern and progressive by not compromising and loosing out on the logically fair cultural values and staying rooted to art and literature!

I know! Coming back now to topic now, I only wish that humidity in summers would stay away from me, when in Kolkata and wearing a saree, so that I can focus more on flaunting the saree than focusing on constantly wiping of the sweat off of my face (the struggle is real people!!!).

I bought the saree which I am wearing here right after looking at it, because I loved how simply classy it looked! I am also wearing mules {They are so in this season!} and carrying a sling bag which I bought on my first ever visit to Shantiniketan, West Bengal last year. {I have a drafted travel post on that , let me know if you'd like to read that!} 

I will be writing about all my travels this year on the blog, starting with the next post! Do let me know about great places to visit in India!

Loads of love , 

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