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It has been a long time since I talked about fashion trends and styled new trends on the blog. Maybe, because I am very picky about what fashion trends I adopt in my personal style and to be delight this year the trends are such that I love most of them.

So, this year I am adopting certain trends, starting with the trend of over the top sleeves! Yes, this year sleeves are a big trend. Flute sleeve, bell sleeve, bubble sleeve, sleeves with big bows on them, you just imagine and it will be present this year! Sheer is another trend that has caught my attention and will definitely give that a shot soon!

I like this trend because it is wearable! Yes, sometimes you do have high chances of things going wrong because of the fluttery and big sleeves. But, it really is fun and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

I styled the simple black body con dress with just a necklace (My favorite one!, I also wore this with this orange dress) because the sleeves were enough to make the outfit stand out!

I have been wearing flats only these days and gravitating towards block heels with good support. Pencil heels are a strict no-no for me now! A girl needs proper support to stand tall after all!
Do let me know your take on this trend! This is my take on this just in one way, more ways coming up on Moonshine and Sunlight soon!

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Loads of love,

Priyanjana <3
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