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Hey everyone! How is summer treating you so far! It is already summer, right!? No Signs of spring, we seem to have jumped a season this year completely. And it is time to take out all the pastel colored outfits and cottons! I am done with my spring cleaning, all my warm clothes are lying aside packed, and to be opened after the nip in the air is restored.

This year I have decided to move out of my comfort zone and try new silhouettes and what better time to do so than summers! More on that later, today I am taking about this dress which was made by the best seamstress in the whole world, My Mom! She has always made me cute dresses and continues to do so even now!

So, we went fabric hunting and we found this indigo hand printed cotton fabric which was left only a little. So when tailors said the amount of cloth is not enough to work with, my mom took it up as a challenge to make me a midi dress! And it turned out exactly like I wanted it to!

I also wanted to introduce you all to Titly’s, a boutique owned by my Mom! She makes stunning jewelries, each piece handmade by her. She does this out of passion and as a hobby, so keep in mind that each and every piece that she makes is one of a kind and takes a lot of time to finish.
You can shop from her Facebook page! Click here to have a look at her work!

Bangalore fashion Blogger, Handmade dress
Dress - Titly's Boutique , Shoes and Bag - Amar Kutir, Shantiniketan , Earrings -old 
On the other hand, I am planning a lot of new things and somethings that I have not done before. So stay tuned for those. Make sure you have already subscribed to my YouTube channel here, because most of the new things will be live there!

I will link them from the blog as well, but why not be the first ones to know about anything new, am I right!?

Let me know your video request in the comments below and I will try my best to make them!
Loads of love,

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