Travel Plans of 2017!

At the leather handicraft workshop, Amar Kutir, Shantiniketan 2016 has made me realize that a little bit of travelling can do to one...

At the leather handicraft workshop, Amar Kutir, Shantiniketan
2016 has made me realize that a little bit of travelling can do to one’s mind and soul! I am sure you would agree with me. After watching everyone have a great time at their year-end vacations, I am getting all fuel up to do the same! But, not during the times when everyone is going to travel.

I like to travel during that time of the year when not a lot of people usually go on vacations. I like a nice and relaxing vacation, with not a lot of people around me. During the holiday season, most tourist places get crowded and I end up feeling like going from one crowded city to another!

2017 is going to be all about travel and expect a lot of vlogs up on my YouTube channel and posts on travel! I have already decided where I would like to go!

This time I am sure I will go somewhere out of the country, maybe the Middle Eastern countries or Europe. I have also decided that I will be opting for Kuwait airways for my travels, because of all the praise I have heard from my friends.

At a theme park in Shantiniketan. This is a traditional Nagaland hut. 

Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry 

Matri Mandir, Auroville 

At botanical park, Pondicherry 
But, when travelling in India, I want to travel in style and stay luxuriously. And somehow I want to stay at the Oberoi hotels, know why? Because being from Kolkata, I have grown up passing by The Oberoi Grand a number of times while in Esplanade, but could never stay there, since my house is in Kolkata and Stay-cations were still not a thing back then! Now, that I mentioned it, I might do a Stay-cation at the Grand!

What do you think about Stay-cations?? I actually love the concept but, it is not really for me. I’d rather travel to a place I haven’t explored before and have fun there!

These days we all are so overworked, a vacation is of extremely high priority and if you are not soaking in the sun, trekking, staying in a jungle or visiting those mountaintops, then you are missing out on a lot!

Let me know about your travel plans for this year in the comments!! Also which places should I visit from Bangalore??? Would you like to read travelogues here on the blog ??

Loads of love, 

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  1. Plz visit Lalbagh Botanical Gardens (if you can) there are trees that are hundreds of yrs old there

  2. Bangalore will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to weekend getaways!!
    I totally recommend Kannur (in Kerala), Chikmagalur, Pondi (where you've already been), Kodaikanal (am going for anniversary trip!), Varkala, Wayanad to name a few!

  3. I have crazy travel plans coming up as well!!! 2017 looks exciting indeed

  4. I prefer stay-cations for a quick break, but then would always prefer traveling some place and exploring :)

    xoxo - C
    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  5. My 2016 was all about Mumbai - Bangalore - Delhi and a few other real vacations 🤓

  6. I sometimes prefer stay-cations when I do not get leaves, but would always prefer traveling to new places :)

  7. I love travel, but because of varied reasons, I don't do it as much as I would like. Staycations are really not for me either.


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