Travel Plans of 2017!

At the leather handicraft workshop, Amar Kutir, Shantiniketan
2016 has made me realize that a little bit of travelling can do to one’s mind and soul! I am sure you would agree with me. After watching everyone have a great time at their year-end vacations, I am getting all fuel up to do the same! But, not during the times when everyone is going to travel.

I like to travel during that time of the year when not a lot of people usually go on vacations. I like a nice and relaxing vacation, with not a lot of people around me. During the holiday season, most tourist places get crowded and I end up feeling like going from one crowded city to another!

2017 is going to be all about travel and expect a lot of vlogs up on my YouTube channel and posts on travel! I have already decided where I would like to go!

This time I am sure I will go somewhere out of the country, maybe the Middle Eastern countries or Europe. I have also decided that I will be opting for Kuwait airways for my travels, because of all the praise I have heard from my friends.

At a theme park in Shantiniketan. This is a traditional Nagaland hut. 

Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry 

Matri Mandir, Auroville 

At botanical park, Pondicherry 
But, when travelling in India, I want to travel in style and stay luxuriously. And somehow I want to stay at the Oberoi hotels, know why? Because being from Kolkata, I have grown up passing by The Oberoi Grand a number of times while in Esplanade, but could never stay there, since my house is in Kolkata and Stay-cations were still not a thing back then! Now, that I mentioned it, I might do a Stay-cation at the Grand!

What do you think about Stay-cations?? I actually love the concept but, it is not really for me. I’d rather travel to a place I haven’t explored before and have fun there!

These days we all are so overworked, a vacation is of extremely high priority and if you are not soaking in the sun, trekking, staying in a jungle or visiting those mountaintops, then you are missing out on a lot!

Let me know about your travel plans for this year in the comments!! Also which places should I visit from Bangalore??? Would you like to read travelogues here on the blog ??

Loads of love, 
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