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In our extremely busy lives these days, we often forget about taking care of ourselves! It just slips from our minds that we need to take care of us first to be able to take care of others! Taking care of oneself also includes pampering from time to time! But the thing is, we do not have that one thing in abundance, time.
So, if I tell you that you can actually get good services at home, at a time and day suitable for you, without investing time in getting ready to go out, in travelling back and forth and not to mention completely forgetting about being relaxed after the pamper session because of the traffic!, will you be interested!?

Recently I experienced how it is like to get beauty services done at the comfort of my home! I woke up a little late like every Saturday, had a quick breakfast and got a number of beauty services done right after my breakfast, which also ended before my lunch!

I used this app called UrbanClap, to book my services. It is very simple really; you can download the app from here, if you don’t have it already and book the services you want to avail. They have a lot of other services available, but for me the beauty section was the most important at that moment. I had expected the prices to be high, since the beauticians had to come to my place, but to my pleasant surprise the prices are very reasonable.

They have various packages as well as the services separately, you can opt for the ones you like. This is what I opted for. 
I got 5 services done for less than 2000 INR, in the comfort of my home. Honestly, I was quite happy with it! Let me tell you about the services and my experience.

I got the very basic things done firstly – eyebrow, waxing and pedicure. (I prefer doing my own manicure, so only pedicure.)

The shape of my eyebrow is how I like it, the beautician was experienced enough to tend to my needs. Waxing was a breeze, again she was experienced enough so no problems there.

I was informed about my beautician, right after I made the booking. 
I loved the pedicure. She used good products and was carrying the equipment needed to make hot water for pedicure. All in all a very good and relaxing pedicure, especially the massage.

I also got a face clean up and hair spa done. The face clean-up was done nicely and she had brought along a steamer needed for the treatment. The products used are all which are used at good salons. She also kept in mind my requirements.  Now, the Hair spa felt a little different from what I get done in salons. Usually shampoo is done before applying the hair spa mask, but in this case that is not done, the beautician directly went ahead to apply the mask. I stopped her, shampooed my hair (I could because I was at home!) and let her go ahead with applying the mask.

The massage was very relaxing and exactly like what I get at salons, better because I was at home! After all this, she left with the mask on my face after clean up and the hair spa treatment on my hair.  She asked me to keep the mask and the hair spa treatment on for 20 – 25 minutes more and then take a nice long bath! I did and ended up feeling relaxed and pampered on a Saturday afternoon at home! 

Just after my services were done! Was feeling relaxed and pampered at home! 
The best part was that my house was back to normal because my beautician and taken cleaned the areas where she did the treatments and disposed of everything she used for me.  I had a doubt that my house would end up messy, but turns out I didn’t have to worry about it, since UrbanClap takes care of that as well!

All in all, I am very happy with the service. The price of the services are reasonable ;Beautician from UrbanClap was on time, used quality products, had good experience and cleaned up any mess before leaving!

I will definitely recommend you to go ahead and book a beauty service for yourself at home!

You can also get 200 Rupees CASHBACK on availing beauty services at home from UrbanClap, use the code “ priyanjanar3343 “ .
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