Kama Ayurveda pure VETIVER water review

The Vetiver water from Kama ayurveda has to be my favorite facial mist. I have been using this continuously since last 6 months and I am on my third spray bottle now! I carry it everywhere with me! Like everywhere.

Read on to know why I like this so much!

I have a combination skin which behaves very weirdly at times. So, I constantly need something to calm my skin down. The Khus water / Vetiver water works as a perfect toner and soothes the skin, slightly hydrates (But don't skip a moisturizer) and minimizes pores.

This especially helps me with the redness of skin, caused by the extreme weather conditions.  So, all I need to do after staying out in sun, is just to spray this on my face and I am good to go.

I won't go into a lot of details right now, would like to keep it small. But here are a few pros and cons.

Pros -
 1. Very effective
 2. Easy to carry
 3. Has a spray bottle
 4. Soothes irritated skin
 5. Luxurious packaging

Cons -
 1. A little expensive
 2. Can't think of anything else

Price - 175 INR for 50ml

I would definitely recommend you try this. Let me know your favorite facial mist in the comments.


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