Parasailing in Goa: Grow Wings and Sail Above the Sea

When you drive down to Goa, there’s a sense that you always wanted to do some more adventure sport. Goa is famous for its beaches, its water rides and tours. This time round, there were no second thoughts on setting our sights on parasailing in Goa!

There’s no place like the beach on a windy humid day as you get ready to soak up the sun and let your feet sink into the salty sea water. After we admired the horizon in a small shack on the beach, we walked to the tourist attraction centre and signed up for Parasailing.

In a moment’s notice, we signed our lives away on a white sheet of paper and looked up at other tourists that seemed to be lining up and getting ready for their thrift with adventure. Next thing you know, a tourist was airborne and seemed to grow wings as the speed boat took off in the distance. It was magical and we couldn’t wait for our turn.

We were strapped in with life jackets and a harness to connect to the sail, ready to feel that adrenaline rush of doing something for the first time. And we were up in a flash! The instructor explained that we should hold on tight to the rope that fastened us. After lift-off, we were suspended high above the sea with a breath-taking view that surrounded us. On side we had the sea which curved at its far end and looking back we had a stunning panoramic view of Baga beach. In the minutes that passed, the instructor explained the safety procedures and suddenly switched between giving instructions and being a tour guide.

Though it seemed like we were up for an eternity taking in the view and a temporary resident of the sky, we made our way back to the beach as the boat turned. As the boat approached the beach, it seemed to have made a full circle below us as we descended.

Gradually, we floated down to the beach and the look on everyone’s faces was priceless as they watched us come down. The instructor gave his final instruction of bending your legs and bracing for landing and we were back on the sandy beach. Suddenly, we felt like film stars with the paparazzi of beach goers lining up to take shots of those that dared to defy gravity and those that took flight!

Goa is undoubtedly the best holiday spot for water and adventure sports. The remainder of our trip were spent over days talking about our different experiences when we admired Goa at over 800 feet!
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