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Change is the only constant. I like this sentence. I like to say this multiple times to people. That’s because I believe in it. Every generation has seen something new coming in and bring about permanent changes in their lives. I am a 90s Kid and I would like to believe that we have experienced the best of everything because to a degree, we actually have. Especially in terms of technology.

But Fashion is fluid. It changes its shape to bind itself with the individuals of a generation, almost defining the thought processes of a whole generation. So as dynamic as fashion might be, it always stays true to everything happening around the person who chooses to embrace it. Almost symbiotic. And that’s how an individual’s style comes to existence.

Like everybody, the same goes for me. I like to choose how fashion affects my style. And being a 90s child, when I saw the fashion from 90s make a strong come back, I decided to give it a try, at the very least! Chokers were big this time and so was denim. And being a denim obsessed person, I mixed both up. I went in with stringy, stretchy chokers, that I so used to hate at one point in time (oh even I surprise myself at time *giggles*)! And I might give the other sort of chokers a try now!

My sense of style is relaxed, like it always has been. I recently have started including a few mature, girly pieces in my wardrobe and as I turn 24 today, I think it’s my style growing up with me as well.Birthdays,as I have observed now, not only mark another year of your life,it also marks the changes in your life. 
Changes around you and especially in yourself. I have learnt a lot of new things and above all accepting the way I am ( marks, flaws,weight, body, my weird laugh, basically everything about myself) and loving it! I have been talking about it for quite some time now.


I usually mark the starting of an year from my birthday, so this ends up being my new year as well! 

Let’s see how this year turns out for me and Moonshine and Sunlight. Thank you so, so much for sticking with me through the journey of me, my style and my blog evolve , into something that I have made an integral part of my life.

I hope you enjoy my take on casual dressing inspired by elements from 90s fashion.

Location Courtesy - Grand Mercure , Mysuru
Thanks a lot again.
Loads of love,

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