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As if the business world wasn’t already without its challenges, coordinating your watch with your outfit is now an actual concern? I know what you must be thinking that’s going a little too far. But, before you write me off, hear me out.

Picture a corporate formal setting brimming with big shots and head honchos. In walks a man--the perfect embodiment of the epic Harvey Specter from Suits. He’s got his Armani fitted to the T, and those shoes just got featured on the latest GQ? He holds the entire room’s attention with oodles of confidence and class. But then the lights catch on his wrist and the oohs and aahs are replaced by sighs and disappointed eye-rolls, as on this perfect gentleman’s wrist sits a timepiece that triggers anathema all around.  That’s what you a call an unholy faux pas. And in the business world, it is simply unacceptable.

While it’s easy enough to figure what goes on when it comes to clothing, accessorising is where most men fall short. And considering men don’t actually have much choice in the matter, a watch becomes even more of a critical accessory for a suit –completing and complementing the quintessential businessmen get-up.

The best watch for a businessman rides on sophistication, smartness and finesse. But in all fairness, there is no singular ‘best watch’ because you need more than one luxury watch to match up with all your suits. I’d recommend Longines watches to build your collection, because they’ve got a versatile range of designs to choose from. To get you started, have a look at the men’s collection of  Longines watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, or any other premier Longines watch retailers in India.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re going about matching your watch with your business wardrobe:


Goes without saying that you can’t turn up with a bright red watch to an important board meeting. Yes, it would get you plenty of attention, but it might just get you the pink slip as well. So, the first thing you need to know is to play it simple and subdued. Shades of black, brown, tan and grey are perfectly acceptable for the strap, and whites, creams, and blacks are preferred for the dial.

The trick is in impressing your colleagues with understated sophistication, without literally drawing attention to your watch, but instating a collected sense of confidence through your wholesome demeanour. Your watch can make or break your outfit, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be flashy, it just needs to say you know what you’re about and you mean business.

The strap needs to complement the colour of your suit, If you’re wearing a brown leather belt and similar shoes, a brown leather strap is what you need –that’s the idea.

Here are some classical options for business watches from Longines: 

From left to right:

·         Longines L4.744.6.12.0
·         Heritage L4.795.4.78.2
·         The Longines Master Collection L2.628.4.78.6


Material speaks volumes about degree of formality. While with our seemingly perfect gentleman’s anecdote before, it was obvious enough to see that any random timepiece on the wrist just does not cut it, there are many not-so-obvious rules.

Firstly, the strap. Slim leather straps are the go-to choice for formal business attire. While leather has always been the safest bet, these days, its becoming increasingly acceptable to go in for metal bracelets. But tread carefully; finesse can come across as a little too jazzy for a formal get-up. Silver or stainless steel straps have a very manly appeal, but make sure you choose simple, sleek and slim designs. Businessmen generally don’t go in for entirely golden bracelets, but if you’re the kind of guy who likes to be his worth in gold(en) watches then, go right ahead!

Second, the case. Traditionally, gold, silver and titanium have been the norm, but we can’t possibly deny the wave of rose gold options, today. The case material should match any other accessories you have on you. Make sure they add up to the colour of your shoes’ & belt’s buckles, your cufflinks, or any other accessory. You’ve got to consider every element of coordination in order to nail your business look like a boss!

We’ve already seen some of the traditional choices from the Longines watches men’s collection. Your collection has to be diverse enough to address the needs of all your suits. Here are a few Longines watches edging on the more fashionable side of business wear:

From left to right:

·         Longines Heritage L1.645.4.75.9
·         The Longines Master Collection L2.673.5.78.7
·         The Longines Master Collection L2.628.4.78.3


We’ve all been told time and time again that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to business watches, size is everything. Formal dress watches are typically between 36mm to 40mm. Anything larger would be over-sized, and you would want to avoid that. The rule of thumb is that your watch should be partially concealed under your cuff. So slim and sleek are your touch points.

Strike the right note on colour, material and size, and you should be able to put together a perfectly coordinated business formal look with timepiece, suit, boot etc. But wrapping your head around the intricacies of formal dress code may at times get a bit too much -- just match your watch with your shoes in such situations. 

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