Consultation & Pure Pore Treatment experience at Dr.Jamuna Pai's SkinLab, Bangalore

Facials have been synonymous to pampering oneself for the longest time and I have to completely agree. But when it is combined with the expertise of a doctor and an aesthetician, it yields gorgeous results.
Dr. Jamuna Pai, who is a renowned name when it comes to skin related anything, has opened a branch of the Skinlab in Bangalore (yippie!) to tend to all the skincare need of the people of Bangalore. Thanks to the pollution and dust in Bangalore, I’d say we needed this.

So I recently went to Dr. Jamuna Pai’s skinlab, not knowing what exactly to expect. When you enter the premises, you would see the interiors done in pristine white, which instantly relaxes your mind and gets you in the mood to get pampered!

I was greeted at the reception and was asked to fill out a form, before my consultation with the doctor. Dr. Pooja Fernandez, is the doctor at this clinic. In the form you have to give details like your skin type, the products that you use, any sort of medical history that you might have, any ailments you are currently suffering. Along with all this, how is your lifestyle; like if you smoke or drink, do you exercise or not. These are very important factors when it comes to the health of your skin.

The lifestyle we lead always has an effect on our skin. After the consultation, Dr. Fernandez prescribed a few medicines to me for pimples and asked me to get an ultra sound done, asking me to see if I have PCOS or not. After this I was suggested a cleanup procedure, not a cream based facial because I had active pimples at that time.

My aesthetician suggested a Pure Pore treatment and as described by them it is –

This revolutionary cleanup uses anti-germicidal gel to reduce acne. Next comes the application of an anti-acne mask to balance sebum secretion – excessive sebum being the prime cause of acne. The Pure Pore cleanup alleviates inflammation and reduces irritation, all the while hydrating the skin and improving its texture and tone.

The process went something like –

Cleansing –
The face is cleansed and makeup (if you’re wearing any) is removed before cleansing.
Scrub –
Very lightly the skin is scrubbed using a mild scrub.
Bleach –
A de-tanning step, a mild bleach is applied on your face for 2 -3 minutes. The smell of it is very strong and you might feel some stinging.

Steam and black head and white head removal –
Steam is applied to open the pore and the black and white head are removed. I only had a few white heads, so it did not take much time to remove them, but if you have deep set black heads the removal process might be a little painful. After this I was given some sort of high frequency treatment to kill the germs.

Peel –
A salicylic acid peel was applied, since this treatment focuses on fighting pimples. The smell of this is again a bit strong. It does not sting but makes your skin feel a little tingly.
Massage –
Since I had active pimples, cream massage was avoided. I was given just a minute of relaxing massage.

Face mask –
The last step was the application of an anti-acne face mask. This was a peel off mask. After removing this, sunscreen was applied to my face!

By the time I was done, the only thing I could notice was the GLOW on my face. This treatment did not promise a glow but I was happy to see it on my face! My skin felt clean and I could feel my skin breathing!

You can spot the pimple near my eyebrow, the active pimple I had. Other than that my skin speaks for itself in the picture. Also, there is no filter or no editing done with this picture. 

Excuse the goofy expression. LOL 
After two weeks I can still see and feel the effects. I am so happy that I can rely on experts for the health of skin now!

I will be visiting again before my birthday this month! Will keep you updated about that one too! :D

Also, two of my colleagues already went there after seeing the results on me. One person went for consultation and another went in for a treatment. Both are quite happy! 

Let me know your experience if you visit the SkinLab. Tweet to me at @priyanjanaa with your experience ! 

Loads of love, 
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