Maybelline #12HourSummerFresh Challenge

#12HourSummerFresh Challenge from Maybelline I recently took the #12HourSummerFresh Challenge from Maybelline, wherein I had to use th...

#12HourSummerFresh Challenge from Maybelline

I recently took the #12HourSummerFresh Challenge from Maybelline, wherein I had to use the White SuperFresh compact in the morning and go about with my regular daily routine.
Let's see what happened.... 

Hour 1 - I applied the compact using the applicator given,  after my moisturizer was absorbed into my skin.The powder is mattifing and does make my skin look whiter(if I use the shade shell), brighter when I use the shade Coral. I took the challenge with Coral.

Hour 6 - The effect stays, but fades a little. I retouch a bit.

Hour 12 - The skin stays on matte and bright!

This is after a day of traveling to work in this Bangalore traffic, working, attending meeting etc... 

Read the review of the Shade "Shell" here
My verdict after the challenge - 

Since this has SPF I didn't bother to apply sunscreen, Plus I was not going to be outside for a long time so this SPF suffices. The skin stays matte for a long time, but make sure you have applied moisturizer properly, otherwise the powder will hold on to dry patches of your skin and will look patchy.  I don't usually wear anything to work apart from sunscreen, when I took this challenge I did receive a lot of compliments !

I have been using this regularly because it's easy to carry, has a mirror packaging and instantly brightens up my face! 

Have you used the White SuperFresh compact from Maybelline yet ! Let me know your experience in the comment below! 

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  1. Haven't taken the challenge but yes I totally loved it when I tried... lovely post!

  2. I desperately need something like this. Hope they have it in my shade, or at least close to it.

  3. I should try this...seems like a must try!

  4. Wow...the compact look promising :) lovely post :)

  5. I use the same compact and I have touched the base. This is a winner at that price tag.

  6. I love the Maybelline Compact its just amazing and also super affordable :D


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