Get you #ReadyFace On with Clean & Clear High Foaming face wash !

Have you ever felt that the simple and basic things, which you started out with works the best for you? Well, I sometimes do and by the way I am talking about skin care here! And why, you ask!?? Because I am going to review the Clean and Clear High Foaming face wash for you today! 

This was the first face wash I ever used and when I got the chance of trying it again, I just had to leave all my present face washes behind, for my first crush ;). 

Let me tell you more details about the Clean & Clear foaming face wash.

Packaging - The face wash comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip cap. The flip cap of my bottle is damaged so it never closes. Other than that it is perfect as the amount of face wash that comes out is perfect for one time wash. 

Product- It says it is a foaming but it is indeed a very mild and not-so-high-foaming face wash. The face wash is like a gel and works perfectly! I only need just a little bit to wash my face!
My experience -
I have been using this for around 2 weeks twice a day and I don’t even want to reach out for another face wash! It’s like I had forgotten how mild and effective this is and now that I am reminded of that, I can say that it is perfect for teenagers  because I can use it more than twice a day if I need to and my skin won’t go all dry and patchy! They claim that this gives 8 hours of oil free effect after using this. 

I cannot say for how long it controls the oil , but I can say that in winters and in Bangalore, I can go on for almost all day without my face feeling all oily and sticky and I have combination skin with oily T zone.

It is not very good in washing away all the makeup, but I don’t expect a face wash to do that, honestly! It doesn’t dry out my skin in winters and my combination skin didn’t break out as well! (Ignoring the one or two stress pimples, nothing can stop those pesky little things, I tell you!) 

So, yeah I will have to say that I have got a crush on Clean and Clear foaming face wash all over again! 
I will highly recommend this, especially if you are looking for a mild face wash. And since the Ingredients don’t mention any SLES/SLS, I am guessing those aren’t present, so hurray for that fact! 

Clean and clear believe that beauty comes from within, from the confidence that we have in ourselves so they came up with the Ready Face Campaign for the teenage girls to share their Ready Face and oil free skin with that lit up smile! I know the feeling of not wanting to look at the mirror and I would never want those days to haunt me again. I support the campaign completely because I want no one else to feel like I once did! 

Bring on your ready faces girls cause we will be always ready with Clean & clear! Try the foaming face wash and show the world your ready face! 

*pr sample 
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