Random Ramblings of a blogger Vol.1

This post goes out to everyone who thinks blogging (of any sort) is easy and all is roses and sunshine. This post is also for those who think blogging is a way of getting free stuff.  And this is going to be a long one.

First let me tell you why and only why one should start writing a blog and why one should not.

I think of blogging as my way of doing something different from what I do and something that I actually like to do. I started blogging as a hobby and completely keeping myself and my own interests in mind. But who doesn’t like when their work is appreciated, right? So I will have to admit this that I write now keeping my readers in mind and also to make myself feel good at times because of the appreciation a receive. 

I consider my blog as my own something and I treat it with all the care I can. If you want to start a blog I would always say go ahead and do it, but I would request you to not make it a rat race like everything else in the world!!!!! Blog because you want to not because of some other motivation.

If you purely want to start writing so that you can get free stuff then let me tell you this, NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE.  If you think something like – “OOOHH she/he gets stuff for free, she/he doesn’t have to spend any money for things” and what to start a blog to be that “she/he”, then let me tell you this directly, you should not start blogging.  

Yes, we (Bloggers) do get stuff for, what apparently people think is, FREE and I would admit trying out new things before others always feels like a small privilege, but that’s it. Every single blogger who gets free stuff WRITES about the free stuff don’t they?? Well, writing takes time and testing out the products and shooting pictures of them takes time and effort and TIME IS MONEY! 

Every blogger writes a review or does a fashion post or writes a food post or anything they might do in EXCHANGE of the thing they get and THAT my dear is NOT FREE. And the companies are not fools, they do not give out their products like candies to bloggers. They KNOW that they are going to profit from it and that profit is usually a lot in comparison to what they invest in. 

 We invest time and effort into it, and we do this because we like to do that but no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to say that blogging is easy or for those who have nothing else to do. 

Try working two/three jobs at the same time if you want to make sure that what we do isn’t easy!
A lot of people want to start blogging because they want to be famous and I totally support it. But just don’t do that unfairly. There are a few perks of being a blogger but that NOT ALL! 

Put things out for the world to see what YOU are made of , if the world likes it great if they don’t , who cares celebrate yourself, by yourself , cause YOLO!!! And each and every one has every right to feel special! But, I repeat, DO NOT MAKE IT A RAT RACE! Envying a person who is in a better place than you is in human nature, but don’t let any of the envy and jealousy effect your blogging. Or maybe simply, don’t be envious! 

I can tell you this much that it does not feel good to feel bad about yourself and when you compare yourself to others, you usually end up feeling bad. 
I know, I have been in that place and then I realized that there is no need to feel bad, I realized that this is something I do for myself and not for comparing myself to others’ work. So walk on the path you are making for yourself, don’t try to walk on someone else’s path and race them down that road!! 

All the bloggers, you tubers put in a whole lot of effort in what they do, nothing is easy, and if you cannot appreciate it, at the very least , don’t disregard it!  

Finally I would say this much, Start a blog if you really want to and don’t make it only about fame and getting “free stuff”. Enjoy what you are doing and be happy about that, and it will eventually show in your work and writing.And Most importantly , don't spread negative vibes!

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