Colorbar I-glide eye pencil in ELECTRA 04 | Review & Swatch

Colored eyeliners have always intrigued me. All you need to do is line your eyes as per usual and you have a pop of color and a different look altogether. I wanted to try out something from Colorbar and eyeliner being the most used product in my kitty was an obvious choice for me to try. So I went ahead and bought a colored eyeliner from Colorbar’s I-Glide eye pencil range. 

I went with the shade “Electra” (Thank You Colorbar for naming these and not only numbering) out of the 10 shades which were available when I bought this. They came up with 4 new shades, apparently. 

I will swatch those for you soon. But first, let me tell you about Electra!

Colorbar I-glide eye pencil in ELECTRA 04 | Review & Swatch

Shade –
Electra is a beautiful deep royal blue which has no shimmers. The blue is pretty bright so it kind of pops out, but in a subtle way. 

Texture and pigmentation –
This is the smoothest eye pencil I have EVER tried! It literally glides on my eyelids and I haven’t felt any tugging till date and I have been using this for over 6 months.
The pigmentation is intense! One swipe is all you need, so this is perfect in case you want to put on liner in a hurry. 

Packaging –
This comes in a pencil which has to be sharpened and the pencil has a cap. Since you have to sharpen there is a certain amount of product wastage, but for me this is better as the twist up packaging is not really my best friend. I tend to break the whole product lid from the twist and thus wasting all of it. 

Plus this has 1.1 g of product as compared to 0.35 or 0.4 g of product which you get in twist up packaging. The only competition in terms of weight of product is the Faces Canada eye pencil which is 1.15 g for around 300 INR. 

My experience –
I love using this. It’s easy to use, lasts ALL day long for me. Doesn’t smudge and is waterproof! The matte finish it gives is like a cherry on top! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this settles down very quickly so if you mess up you have to clean it very fast. 

I will get one color from the 4 new shades, because I really like one out of the four.

Colorbar I-glide eye pencil in ELECTRA 04 | Review & Swatch photos

Colorbar I-glide eye pencil in ELECTRA 04 | Review & Swatch

Price – 499 INR for 1.1g 

Likes –
Literally glides
Creamy texture
Satin-y matte finish
Very long lasting
Easy to use
Highly pigmented
Beautiful shade
Doesn’t smudge

Dislikes –
Product wastage due to sharpening
Sets too quickly
A wee bit pricey

I would definitely recommend you to give this a try because this will last for a very long time and you can select from a wide variety of shades! And I think it is totally worth the money!
Let me know if you have tried this in the comments below?? What should I try from Colorbar next??
Loads of love,

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