Rustic art organic ALOEVERA gel | Review

There are some thing which until you try, you cannot believe. I had heard about the numerous benefits of using aloe vera gel, but until I myself used it, I wasn’t very sure about its claims. 

The first time I used Aloe Vera gel , which was not directly from the plant was some green “gloopy” gel with bubbles in it and I really didn’t like that! But after I started using the aloe vera gel from Rustic art, which is pure aloe gel from organically grown aloe vera plants.

There are a number of brands in India with the same product but I will always buy from Rustic Art! Also because of some reasons I had said when I introduced them here on the blog.
I had talked about this in my current skincare routine and I use this as a toner and also as a moisturizer because this works really well as a light moisturizer. It also works on dry patches or rashes even! It is so soothing and cooling that I end up using this always after washing my face!

Rustic art organic ALOEVERA gel  Review

Rustic art organic ALOEVERA gel | Review

I would definitely be purchasing this for myself after I am done with this tub, which I am almost!

Price - 200 INR 
Must have meter – 

I will give this 9 on the must have meter. 1 less because they should also come up with a tube packaging because it will be so easy to carry it then!
I have nothing more to say but I will say this, Do give this a try and you won’t regret spending your money on this! 

Loads of love, 
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