October 2015 Empties

October 2015 Empties
Last week I couldn’t post because of my bad WiFi! I didn’t have WiFi for the whole week and that’s why I am posting the October empties today! It’s 9th but then it better late than never !
Let’s see what I finished, 

As usual, no Makeup product in my empties this month, Mostly skincare and bath products!

Namak halal Body scrub from Sand for soapaholics- 
I have already said when I reviewed this that the scrub smell DIVINE and this is something I would always have in my stash! This is a mild scrub and would be perfect after the winters! So I will repurchase this after the winters are over. 

Kama Ayurveda Steam Distilled rose water – 
I was using this very less because I love this! Sounds weird?
Actually I love visiting Kama Ayurveda’s stores so I was saving this up till I could visit the next time, But when they opened up a store in Bangalore, I started to use it like I usually would have !
I would definitely repurchase this! 

Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Shower Gel – 
I have enjoyed using this because of a lot of reasons I talked about when I reviewed this and the moisturizer. I will try something from them, maybe their lavender range! But Since I do not repurchase same shower gels, I’ll not repurchase the exact same one!

Namak Halal Scrub, Kama Ayurveda rose water , Garnier PureActive Face wash ,Oriflame Pure nature Orange fruit extract face wash, Kama Ayurveda Tulsi Soap , Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus shower gel 

Garnier PureActive high foaming face wash – 
I will definitely repurchase this! I loved using this but since it is a little drying , I’ll get this again after the winter is over. 

Kama Ayurveda Tulsi Soap –
I don’t mind the price (425 INR) in this case. This soap is sooooo good and the fragrance is extremely relaxing, reason enough for me to repurchase this!

Oriflame Pure nature Orange face wash – 

I didn’t like this face wash somehow, I can’t explain really why, but I didn’t! The fragrance is really nice and citrusy. I won’t repurchase this one. 

So these are the things I finished up in October,mostly skincare and bath products and most of the things are something I would repurchase! 

I really enjoy doing these posts! These help me keep track of what to buy again and what not to! 

See on next time, Till then 
Loads of Love , 
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