Thursday Photo challenge | "NIGHT" (Dark, Low Light, Twilight, Evening, Shadows, Long Exposure, City Lights,...)

Hey guys!
How have you been doing ?? I am doing great and thank you all for writing to me asking about why I had been missing! Loads and loads and hugs for you guys ! You can always write to me at with questions, queries or just to say Hi, It would be great ! :D I love reading all your mails and replying to them !

So, the reason I took a break was because I went on a vacation and was also working on something! I just posted my first proper video (Well, Not thhaattt proper, I am all flustered and nervous!!!!!!) and will be posting more videos from now on! So make sure you subscribe to my channel here - MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Now coming to the main focus of the post , the photograph - 
The theme for this thursday was NIGHT . 
This was my first attempt at shooting anything at night. I hope you like it :)

I will be regular now , both here and on Youtube! 
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I will be back with another post on Monday, Till then 
Loads of love, 
Priyanjana :)
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