Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review and contents

Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review

Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review

The trend of subscription boxes in India is not new at this point in time; there are quite a few beauty subscription boxes that are well known now, like Fab Bag, MSM Box and My envy Box. I tried My Envy Box for the first time this month on their Second Anniversary. Honestly, because of the products they promised and also because of the pretty box I had thought I would receive. Plus they were doing well last couple months!

Unfortunately, they could not deliver what they had promised. I ordered my box sometime in the second week of this month and by then they were out of stock. But they did not inform that. 

They mailed after a week that they were out of stock and they re-stocked the products and will be shipping out the boxes. And also the boxes will be different.
But, I had not thought that the boxes will be torn, old boxes and the products will be different. 
Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review
Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review

So out of the 5 products which they had promised and what the others had received already, three products were different. Which clearly outweighs the two products that were consistent. 
So when you say that you are stocking up on the products again, what does that mean? It means the products which were supposed to be in there, right? Not some random products. 

Let me tell you what all I received in the SECOND BATCH OF My Envy Box OCTOBER 2015. 

First the Box – 

The box in which my products came was the Box of the DECEMBER 2014 edition. NOT Happy about it. They could have at least got a simple box for the second batch, but new ones. NOT RECYCLED ones. But okay, I can try to understand.  Then again it was damaged and torn and this is not the case only with me! My lovely readers also told me that they had received torn and damaged boxes!!!!!

Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review
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Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME Sublime Oil-enriched Shampoo – Now I have tried this earlier, did not like it much. The size is pretty good, 70 ml to be exact. Not disappointed with this. They delivered what they promised. 

Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME MASQUE – A very impressive product to be in a subscription box. This was a reason I ordered this box, because I wanted to try this. This is a 75 ml pack , so pretty impressive. 

So till now Happy happy , but now , the graph goes down!

L’Occitane Verveine Body lotion – a 75ml pack of the body lotion, in Place of the shower gel. A different product than what they had promised. The product is from L’Occitane, but NOT what I wanted.
The shower gel was another reason I bought this box. But I didn’t receive it. Although my card says that I should have.

Honey from Marc Jacobs Perfume sample – I am not a huge fan of perfume samples. Yes, they do come in handy if I need to carry a perfume in my purse, but I have a lot of samples lying around already and I was happy BEFORE receiving that they were not sending a perfume sample this month. 
But alas they DID! If it was like a year ago I would have been very happy with it because I did not buy much perfume then and did not have many samples. 

Lastly {I have mixed feeling about this} ,in place of something from Sephora (never been to a store) or Givenchy (Only have perfumes from them) or Burt’s Bees (Never tried anything from this brand) they sent me a cream matte eye shadow called Vanillaty Fair from Catrice cosmetics, which is a sister brand of Essence cosmetic and they are famous for good products at a reasonable price.

 I wanted to try something from Catrice and honestly I would have had been happy if they had said that they would be sending this in the first place, because I would not have placed my order then!!!!! Because I wanted to try other things from them, NOT a matte eye shadow!

I was literally praaaying to get something from Sephora because this was my only way of trying their products but instead I got something from Catrice which is way less the price of the Sephora palette they sent out first. I would not have had much of a problem if they had sent these two things in the first batch also. 

Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review
Second Batch Of My Envy Box 2015 review

This was my first envy box and honestly out of the products I received I am genuinely happy for only one, because that was something that I wanted. So out of three things that I really wanted I received only one. And the saddest part is that they had shown what was going to be in the box before they sent them out and did not deliver. 

Also When a fellow blogger, Shivi from Cosmochics , said that she was sad about the same, they quite rudely replied on her Instagram page! And I read a comment from a girl saying that she talked to someone on their team and they said that be happy that you are getting products worth 3000 buy just paying 850! They could have simply said it was out of stock that creating such a mess.

I mean this is what their basic concept was when they started right!? Did they change it recently or what!!??


I am not buying from them again. 

Did you get this month’s my envy box? Which batch did you receive?? First or second??
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