Garnier white complete 7 Days challenge

Garneir white complete 7 Days challenge
Garnier white complete 7 Days challenge
This post has been long overdue guys! I had taken a 7 day challenge from Garnier, before going on the break , which was using the Garnier white complete Fairness cream and the White complete face wash.

Now, I always say that I stay away from fairness products and in this case also , I used this for just 7 days to see if it makes any difference , Only for you guys !!!! (See how much I love you!)

And here is my verdict - 

Garnier White complete speed white fairness cream -
The smell of this product is really nice. Not repelling at all, which is the trend in case of fairness creams as I have seen. The texture is really light and absorbs after a while. Yeah, it takes a while to settle in.
After it settles down , I have to say that it does not look chalky or give a ghostly white cast, but it does brighten your face. It is not very moisturising,I have found, but okay for humid summers.
In the course of 7 days, I did not notice any whitening as such, maybe if I had used for long, I would have seen something. 

Garneir white complete face wash –
Now this I have used long back ,when it was first released in the market and I was least bothered about what I use. But, since they have done some changes to the formula ( as they claim), I thought of giving it a try again.
And I was not disappointed. It’s not very drying and does a proper job, but you have to follow up with a moisturiser.
I am happy that I took this challenge, it forced me to step out of my zone and do something. 

If you would like to try these just drop me a mail on , with your address and Garnier will send you samples to try these out!
Make sure you send me your details!
See you next time!
Loads of love,
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