The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut oil | First impression

The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut oil | First impression
The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut oil

Hola sunshine! How is your hair keeping up with the season change??
My hairs were crying out for some TLC, because I was skipping out on oiling my hair and deep conditioning. And over that the rains have started , so, hello frizzy hair!

I was using the nioxin treatment, but the conditioner had finished and I was using only the shampoo, hence the "Chidiya Ka Ghonsla(Bird's Nest)" condition of my hair.

And just when I decided to resume oiling my hair, The Body Shop team Surprised me with something I had never tried before {and who knew this would be just what I needed}!

I went in second time to their store while their sale was still on, but kept my urge to splurge again in control! Because I went broke due to my last haul from TBS and I had so much to shop before my birthday!

Coming back to the Rainforest coconut oil now. I used this for the first time ever and I wanted to write a first impressions about it, but I think I might even write down a full review right now, because I like it so much!

After using this for just 4 days I can feel a drastic difference, given that my hair was in such a bad condition!

Although, I am tempted to write a full review, I am going to hold myself back ,because I never write a review before I have used a particular product for at least a month or two. 

The rainforest coconut oil consists of Pracaxi oil, which has multiple benefits for skin and hair. It supposedly helps in preventing hair loss when it comes to hair care. So, I am quite excited to see how it helps my hair fall. 

It has a looovely nutty-caramel fragrance , so it is a boon for those who cannot tolerate the smell of coconut oil, I know a few who cannot. 

The oil doesn't feel sticky and is very light weight. I washed it off using a mild shampoo and it washes of easily too. The hair feels soft and honestly that is something my hair hadn't felt like in weeks !

The only concern I have is the price, but if it works like this , then I would be ready to pay. 

I will be writing a full review soon and would you like to have this with you!? Cause I will be giving one of these away to you! Share this post if you are excited !
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