Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask From The Body Shop || Review || A Must Have !

Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask From The Body Shop
Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask From The Body Shop, review, price in India

In all your lifetime, only once in a while you come across something you get absolutely addicted to or fall in love with. Something like this happened to me in my vanity department ! {hehehe, compartmentalizing my life, effects of too much Binge “ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “ watching, I suppose!}
My new addiction is from The Body Shop and it is none other than the new Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping mask I have been raaaaaaving about on Twitter ( Oh.. you don’t follow me on twitter ?! You disappoint me, child :P). 

It consists of the goodness of Edelweiss stem cells, that I had told you about here.  Let me tell you why I have been raving about this. 
Packaging –
The bouncy mask comes in a glass tub packaging. I am always extra careful while handling this because at I had accidentally broken a bottle of the Drops of Youth Serum, which broke my heart!

Product –
It is a slimy and sticky, white gel and it really has bouncy texture. I literally play with my spatula, make it bounce on the mask :P! You can see that in the picture below. 

Now, the biggest question! HOW TO USE THIS? Fret not, sunshine, I am here to tell you :P. 
1.       Take a small amount on your palm and lightly rub it between your palms. Then follow the steps
2.       Over the Rainbow –  On your forehead , above your eyebrows
3.       Under the Clouds – Bring your fingers from above the eyebrows to apple of your cheeks, under your eyes
4.       Quench the Earth – On your cheeks and chin. Spread the mask on your palms lightly , on your cheeks.
5.       Under the ocean – Neck
6.       Pitter Patter – pat the remaining mask on your hand , on your face
7.       Repeat 2 – 6 once more 
Now that you know how to apply this (the steps are catchy, aren’t they!?), let me tell you how I feel about it. 

My experience – 
I usually put on the mask on a clean face, just before going to sleep, once in every three days or alternate days, depends on my mood really. But not daily, because I am 22 and I do not need to use this every day. 
This forms a heavy moisturizing film on my face which is very comforting because it feels very light. I know it may sound a bit weird, but that’s how it is. I like the mild fragrance and the fact that it doesn’t stay for long, because mild or not, I would not like to go to sleep with something on my face that has any smell. 
When I wake up the next morning I wash of my face with water. The mask clears off, leaving my skin feeling soft, supple, moisturized and glowing. I honestly never thought I would be able to string these four words in one sentence. 
This works on existing pimples and also prevents pimples. The present pimples get dried up while this is one and almost vanish the next morning. The spots don’t go away instantly though, this takes some time for the spots. The old spots get light and the best thing is it works on pigmentation.  I had a little pigmentation around my mouth, which is almost gone now
This has worked on minimizing my pores as well, around my nose I had quiet big pore, thanks to my combination skin. But that is under check now. The only concern I have is the presence of alcohol in it. 

Must – have Meter-
10! This gets a ten because this is awesome and an absolute must have! This gives a long lasting result, unlike most products. I haven’t used this for more than 10 days and the effects are still lasting. Plus , this will last for a looong time! 

Price – 2295 INR for 90 ml
Have you tried this earlier?? Would you like to try this out??

*Provided by the brand in exchange of my honest opinion
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