The Iconic Saree - The Indian Saree is CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY

There is something interesting the way we Indians dress up. Sometimes, we are all decked up and sometimes, we go simple.  
There is something we all love to do, dress up on special occasions and don’t get us started when it is time to attend the wedding of someone close! The first thing that pops up in our minds is “What am I going to wear?!” . Happens to me all the time!

But, then I take a deep breath and raid my Mom’s closet! Why, you ask? To choose a Saree!
Yes, yess! The Iconic Saree! The versatile 9 yards of fabric; which can be classy and contemporary, at the same time!

But, the toughest part about a saree is choosing how you would like to style it!
The classic Indian sarees are easy to style, but there cannot be many variations in style with a heavy saree.

I cannot wear the saree like my Mom wears, I adore the way she does, but it has to suit my personality as well, right ? So, presenting a few ways I would like to style my saree.
Two ways I would like to do that are- The Classic way and the contemporary way.

Going the Classic way

It’s a simple and traditional way of wearing a saree.  I am a Bengali girl and wearing saree on occasions is a norm for me and sometimes I like to take the classic route. So, the way I like to wear the saree is with traditional Indian jewelleries and Kohl rimmed eyes.

Get all decked up with traditional jewels or take a different road with some edgy and unique but heavy accessories.  Try keeping hair tied up with a stylish hair do or if you have really long hair go with a nice plaited hair do. If you want to go simple on this path, opt for hand loom saree.

Keep the makeup subtle or it will go over the top and we wouldn’t want that! Would we now?!

Taking the Contemporary route  

This is more me. This is my way of wearing a saree and I am sure a lot of yours as well.
Experiment with different types of colors, bright neon or dark muted color saree with bright color blouse. Try wearing with a crop top or maybe drape the saree in a different way, to give it that modern edge.

I like to experiment with a solid color saree and pair it with printed blouse or maybe wear an embroidered jacket on the saree. 

The best contemporary style of wearing the iconic saree is like a saree gown! I am planning to buy one for myself and I have shortlisted some gorgeous ones from like the pink one here.

There are endless ways of styling a saree the contemporary way; I will opt for this almost everytime!

Which way would you like to take; The Classic or the Contemporary??
Let me know in the comments below!
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