Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review || Budget friendly treatment for pimples

Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review ,price India

Remember that nursery rhyme, “Old MacDonald had a farm “ ? Well, I do and I am sure that you do as well; because I can relate to Old MacDonald. How, you ask?

Well, he had a farm and I have my sweet, precious skin on my face ( I know they are not related at all, but who cares :P ! face and farm are four letter words, they relate !  *Laughs like a mad woman* ) and on my face nowadays, there is everywhere a moo , moo pimple! :P

Courtesy of Bangalore, I suppose! Never in my life had I faced this problem of pimples! On my cheeks especially! No matter what I do, whatever I try, one pimple will pop up! 
So, when I went out for lunch on a weekend to a Sizzler specialty restaurant here, which was near the Himalaya Store, I picked up their acne- and – pimple cream. I thought; why not give this a try!

Like every normal woman I occasionally had a few pimples here and there and that was taken care of by my beloved anti-pimple and acnegel from Lotus, but I left it back home and I was too lazy to go around and look for it. 

So, I settled for this , plus I am loving almost everything, from my last haul from Himalaya ( yeah, yeah ! will review those soon as well :P). psssttt….. this is really cheap as well , so doesn’t hurtif I give it a try!

But, to be honest I did not have high expectations from this. Well, enough of boring you . Let’s get to the review. 

Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review ,price India
Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review ,price India
Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review ,price India
Himalaya Herbals Acne -n- Pimple Cream Review ,price India
Click on the pictures above to zoom in and see the ingredients.

A simple and plain tube packaging and the tube comes in a box (yayiee!).It has a screw cap and can be easily carried anywhere you want. 

A heavy textured, beige colour cream which smells like a baby powder! I like the faint , pleasant smell and it fades off after sometime , so no big deal. It doesn’t spread much and stays in one place.
It dries off after sometime and you have to wash it off, whenever you want to remove this.

My experience:-
It works! It says for “scar- free pimple treatment “ and it does just that. Treats pimples and doesn’t leave scars! But there is one downside to this. This works on small pimples and the pimples which are just coming out, but it calms red and puss filled pimples and really soothes them but burns on them for a few seconds.  It reduces the pimples in size and then eventually I cannot find them! 

45 INR for 20g

Must – Have Meter: -
I would give this an 8 because this is really inexpensive and doesn’t hurt for you to try. Plus, it does what it claims ( well , almost!).  But, this has parabens as well so try and use this as less as possible.

If you have tried something else that works on pimples please let me know in the comments!!

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