Our phones are making us blind?

This is not a beauty, lifestyle or any type of my usual post. 
This post is about a blind woman I saw today while travelling on a bus. 

I never {well, 99% of the times} use my phone while travelling. When I am walking or in a bus or driving or anything for that matter. 
The reason behind that is I like to observe people around me, I like to see what is going on around me and sometimes I observe something so simple and heartwarming as I observed today. 

I saw a lady get up on the bus, like everyone else. I hadn't noticed that she was blind till some time. A woman sitting in a seat where she was standing made her sit on the only place which was empty.
She sat there for some time and did what she had to. 

The woman sitting beside her was talking on her phone. She was sitting beside me before she got up and sat on the seat which got empty, she wanted the window you see. :P She was on the phone for more than half an hour by the time she got up to get down at her stop. 

I have to say that I thought the woman talking on the phone was a Blind person because she didn't even pay heat to who was sitting beside her. She pushed the blind woman to get up without any type of regard and got down. 

But that is not what I wanted to tell you all. 
I saw something that made me smile, like really really feel good. 

After a couple stops she stood up and held on to a pole, waiting for her stop, all the while being pushed by the "So-called " blind people with phone in hand and headphones on. 

She got down at her stop and I saw her alongside a blind man and what made me smile was the smile on both of their faces when they found each other and held each other's hand. 

They were not dresses up in fancy clothes, I don't think they have loads of money but, I can say they have something even more precious.

Moments like this make me happy, make my time worth, not looking at my screen. 
That I do when I am sitting at home/office with nothing at all to do and nothing going on around me. 

I would request all of you to take a look around you when you are out somewhere instead of staring into your phones. :)

{I am not proofreading this post, I want it to be as random as it is} :)
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