Where you search ends for local food in Mumbai

If there is one thing about the city of dreams of this country, Mumbai,  I can point out and which stands out apart from the glitz and glamour of the film industry it is its cost of living.

And under that circumstance the people will for sure look for some affordable food options in Mumbai. I mean why not if you get the same things for a lesser amount of money in a city where everything is so expensive, what’s the harm!

Food in Mumbai no doubt has plenty of varieties! Staring from exquisite fine dining restaurants to the yummy local food in Mumbai, the city has a lot to offer for the hard core foodies!

The best thing about the local food is that you can have a number of tangy and tasty local delicacies walking along the beach! I mean which big city has a beach to walk along and also devour yummy food while you are at it! Be it with your friends , family or that special someone , you are bound to have fun if you have a little bit of the food here!

Apart from this you have a number of options if you want to burn a hole in your pocket! There are lots and lots of restaurants for you to sit and enjoy some very good and healthy ( only if you chose healthy ) food !

But according to me whatever you have at the fine dining restaurants the “Asli- maza” is always with the “Chatpata Khana”  and the best food in Mumbai for  me will always be the local food!

Panipura and vadapav is something any person with any type of palette would love! I mean who wouldn’t ! neither are these foods very spicy or sweet! Or anything too much for that matter !

I have been to Mumbai for a few times and every single time I have loved the place!

Have you been to this city? Tasted the mouth-watering foods ?? Or are you a true Mumbaikar who can give me some insight on this department !?
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