'Tis the season of shorts &skirts

The weather in Bangalore since the last weeks is going on and off with the switch of summer. It gets gloomy and cloudy in the evening but till the afternoon is very very hot!
And since summer is here, though right now it is still in the on-off mode here, it is time to take out your comfy shorts and skirts! Wearing full jeans in this weather is nothing less than inviting discomfort with “welcome” written in red on a placard! The thick fabric is a strict no-no for this season!
So opt for comfy tees and cotton shirts or tops along with cutesy shorts and girly skirts! Though denim skirts are a welcome sight in this season, keep it cool with some other light fabrics for skirts!
I recently went on a series marathon of watching “Gossip girl” and well, I can say that you can seriously take some style tips from Serena (Blake Lively) if you are a person who likes to experiment and go with the “bold” style tag and if not , Go for classy choices of skirts like Blair (Leighton Meester). I mean shorts or skirt who cares as long as you’re comfortable in either! Take some style tips from these ladies and why do I suddenly say this, you ask ? Beacaaaauuussee I am taking some serious tips from them! And why not shorts have recently become my favourite and this is the season to flaunt them!
But the thing which you should keep in mind while wearing any of these is what you are comfortable with! I am more comfortable with skirts and loose guy-ish shorts, really short shorts are not my thing because I personally do not feel comfortable in them. So always keep in mind what you are comfortable in take style inspiration from your friend, your favourite fashion blogger or your favourite celeb! But DO NOT wear what you are not comfortable in!

So, after the “Gyaan” part I would move to showing you some of my favourites from this season which I spotted online ! So here you go with some of my favorite skirts and shorts!
In case of shorts opt for prints or light shades. I personally like to have some earthy shades in my closet to wear with the t-shirts of solid light color.
Check out some of my favorites from The Vanca, Only and Belle Fille! Or some of these here or below at the end.
And in case of skirts, go for flared, floral and pencil skirts in bright shades to amp-up the pop factor this summer.
So, go right ahead and share some of the favorites from your closet and also from the web with me on twitter!

 Oh you didn’t know? I am on twitter and my Id is @MoonshinePriya. Don’t forget to tag me and share it with the hash tag #Shorts&Skirts !
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