SaND for Soapaholics stores at The Forum mall, Pheonix market city and Garuda mall in Bangalore

I got A BIIIGGGG news for all my sugars from Bangalore! And yeah for all the soapaholics in India as well!

SaND For soapaholics have opened a new store at The Forum mall on the 1st of may and another one at the Pheonix market city some two weeks back! I didn’t know this that they already had a store at Garuda mall. But we can always have a little bit more of goodness sprinkled everywhere!

SaND is a luxury gourmet skincare brand, the founder of which was associated with the English brand “LUSH Cosmetics” till the end of 2013, though I have never used anything from Lush I have read some very good reviews about their products on some US and UK blogs.

I went to the store at The Forum, and trust me it felt like I entered a candy shop! Reaaaalllyy!!! 

The SaND soaps on display at the Forum store, Bangalore

The store is done in all white and the decor is very minimal! The products at the store look like candy so basically it was like entering an outlet of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory! I( Oooohh, how I wish these existed!)

The staff is co-operative and will help you pick the products according to your requirements and skin and hair type.  They were giving out sample the first week of opening with purchases, but, I unfortunately went on a day when they were already exhausted of the samples. *sob sob*

The best part of shopping from the store is that you can smell and try out anything you like and since these are a little expensive (But, totally worth the money!) your pocket thank you for buying what you like. And yeah, everything (almost) here is sold by weight, so you can buy the amount you require.

They stock a looooot of things, I would suggest you visit their website or the store to find out because I will get exhausted if I start writing the list.

I would recommend you try out their CLEOPATRA bath powder, because it smells DIVIIINE and is SLS/SLES free plus has goats milk! I will definitely get some for myself the next time I visit the store!

So, what are you waiting for run to the store and get yourself some luxurious candies goodness!
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