Confessions of a Smart phone app addict #itspersonal

It’s confession time today for me today people!
Or just let’s say today this post is all “Confessions of a Smart-phone addict” and that would be me and if I am not wrong most of us!

You know why I am finally accepting the fact that I am a smart phone addict is because I really am one  or rather I should say that some of my friends made me realize that I am one! They kept (keep) me teasing with a parody of one of my favourite songs ( Sung by Queen B of course !), they were  always like

“All The phone addicts, all the phone addicts,
All the phone addicts now put your hands up”

Till I actually put my hands up!

I mean what can I do when I have sooooo many awesome stuff to do on my smart phone! Don’t you agree!? I cannot stay without my phone beside me!
No one can , when you have enormous number of stuff you can do with your smart phone! It’s not really my fault if I have an app for everything!

You want to know how much you walk the whole day; there is an app for that!
You want to keep tabs of the calorie intake; I got an app for that!
You wanna click cute selfies and edit them till you look like Anne Hathaway; you got an app for that as well!

So basically what I want to say is I am the guy in the above picture!

Since I got my smart phone I am addicted to it and my second addiction is shopping how can I not have an app to shop from! I think every girl will agree with me now! ;)

Now, imagine you with your phone, walking around the mall and doing the one thing we all love to do, Window Shopping! And you fall in love with a dress from, say Vero Moda, you go in to buy that only to find that your size is not available anymore!
What do you do now!? I’ll tell you what I do!

I take out my phone and use the power of apps! Open the awesome shopping sites via the free apps already on my phone like Myntra,Flipkart ;search and order and sometimes even get some app-only discounts! yaayy! No need to go home and search on my laptop!

So, the next time you are in a fix like this or maybe getting bored sitting in traffic(read horrible Bangalore traffic!), indulge in some retails therapy with your best buddy, Your phone!

Would you like to confess something of this sort?? Let me know in the comments!
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