Find the best ring for your beloved

It has been long since I did a fashion post.
This time I am going to focus on accessories and to be specific; I will put the spotlight on finger rings.
I am a jewellery hoarder but personally a lover of two types of accessories the most and those are finger rings and bracelets.
And, I think you would know that, judging by the number of DIY tutorials I have for bracelets and Rings.
But out of the two also if I am asked to choose one, I would chose rings without a second thought.

You know why?
Because rings can be understated and also make a statement at the same time and if you are opting for a bold, cocktail ring then that one ring is enough to give your whole outfit a glamorous look! Also a simple ring can mean a lot of things, than just being an accessory!
You can even see some of our bollywood divas going minimalistic with just a single ring with a glam outfit and totally pulling it off!

In fact, we all can pull off a glam look with just one cocktail ring to balance our whole look because I think that you can never, ever go wrong with a ring to balance your look!
The latest trend of the midi rings spread across the globe like wild fire! Why do you think that happened?

I think it is because the midi rings are simple and give a really cute, girly look! Though unfortunately in India it was really hard for me to find midi rings, I went in for cute rings with small size! :D

Hehehe, really! I did that (I just told you a little DIY trick!).

And funny thing about rings is that you would always gift a finger ring, to the people you love and most probably no one else and apart from being just an accessory it also symbolizes a lot of things, simple things.

Some of these rings are gorgeous and are perfect for gifting to that beloved person. I usually gift finger rings to myself and make myself happy!

Because to be happy and love someone else, you have to fall in love with yourself (and also not be self centred :P).

So, what are your picks when it comes to rings? Bold is your style or you like to go subtle on the rings??

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