Lazy Girl's Guide to Pimple - Free Skin

Guide to pimple free skin for the lazy girl!

I have to say that I was quite overwhelmed and happy by the response I got today morning on my Facebook page! I had asked if I should do a fashion post or a skin care post! Skin care post was the answer I got from everyone! So here you go! 

A Lazy girls guide to pimple-free skin, by a lazy girl :P. 

I have combination skin to start with and I know those who have combination skin will understand my pain.

Combination skin is tricky type of skin to take care of, so I am telling you a few things I follow that helps me steer clear of pimple minus the stress pimples[I mean the pimples caused due to stress, stress pimple are something nothing can avoid, except for  regular yoga !]

1.       Take off your makeup 
No matter how much make up you are wearing, let it only be a little bit of Kajal , take it off the moment you come back home.
Use a makeup remover or a face wash that can remove the make up.

2. Drink at least 10 glasses of water each day

Yes, 10 glasses of 200 ml of water is just 2 liters and that is the minimum you need,
I drink almost 5 litres of water every single day, minimum 4.

3. Watch out for Dandruff

This is a BIG reason for pimples, especially on forehead, and for combination skin and oily skin , this is a night mare. This results in pimples mostly on the forehead. If your pimple situation is getting worse day by day , I am quite sure I must be because of dandruff. 

4. Use a Mild Scrub

A mild scrub once a week is must to scrub off all the dead skin and open up the clogged pores. But keep in mind to use a MILD scrub.
The clogged pores are a big reason for pimples. 

5. Stay away from SLS and SLES.

Stay away from SLES and SLS (Sodium Laureth and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) In case of face washes, specially. Since I have started using natural or SLS and SLES free face washes ( read Mridul & rose and jasmine , BOTH from  Kama  Ayurveda ) I can see the difference. 
These are foaming agents used in detergents etc and these are not only drying and very harmful as well (some more on this later). 

6. Do NOT keep your face mask on for long

Yeah, I have seen some of my friends keep multani mitti  (fuller’s earth ) face packs for hours then complaining about pimple! That is bound to happen , keeping a face mask that dries and stretches your skin is not only bad , it’s extremely bad!

You cannot talk after the mask dries (Think wrinkles), and keeping the mask on for a long time dries out your skin and causes pimples. Yes, extremely dry skin leads to pimples!

7. Use a light moisturizer

Like I said in above extremely dry skin leads to pimples and oily skin with clogged pores do the same.
So , you need to use a perfect moisturizer for combination and oily skin use something like Kama Ayurveda Eladi moisturizer ( I am using it right now , will review soon).

8. Change your pillowcase

After every 3 days, YES, THREE days. Period. 

I follow these 8 steps to stay away from pimples. These do not require a lot of effort and actually work. 

So follow these if you are having frequent pimples and if the pimple are going crazy craazyy, consult a dermatologist. 

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