The " Must - Have Meter" !

The whole beauty and makeup blogging world is all about passion and letting your readers know if a product is worth the money or not!  If I had to put it out bluntly, I would say it is to tell your readers which product to avoid and which to buy! Isn’t it?? 

So, to help my readers in the “to buy or not to buy “situation, because you all are so lovely, I thought of introducing a new thing this year! The “Must –Have Meter”! 

(P.S. Thank you for so many likes on my Facebook page!)

What is the “Must –have meter”??
Well, it is a simple scale where I would rate a product or service (well, mostly applies for products) at the end of every review, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “AVOID IT” and 10 means “ You have to have it!” .

The scale below is a simple scale :D, and I hope this helps you decide every time!! :D

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