Cartoon nails! | | Nail art

Cartoon nails! | | Nail art , comic nail art

Oopppss!! Where did my nails go !!??
Hehehehe, they are right where they should be, I just made them a cartoon character’s nails :P [well, my friends would say that character is me, for sure!]
I am posting a nail art after a long time, well; actually I am posting anything after a long time. 

To be honest I have a little time that I can manage for writing posts but suddenly I have got addicted to watching sit-com! And if I tell you the truth , this whole extended weekend I just watched season after season of sit-coms! :P

Hey , I get all crazy once in a while[hehehe], but I promise from now on I will write more :D.

Cartoon nails! | | Nail art , comic nail art

Cartoon nails! | | Nail art , comic nail art

For now I will leave you with my cartoon nails. 

I have used :
Maybelline Colorshow Blackcurrant pop
Lakme Gel stylist Scarlet red
Maybelline Colorama Black
Maybelline Colorshow Crystal Clear
Cartoon nails! | | Nail art , comic nail art

I love mixing all colors for one single nail art! Check out this mosaic nail art if you don’t believe me!

That’s why I started the Monochrome “Mani”a series for nail arts to try and do nail arts with shades of one color! 

Do you like this nail art ?? 

I would have loved if I had my nail art tools when I did this nail art. I will do this again and will share that too for sure and hopefully those will turn out better! :D

Till then,

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