October 2014 Empties

October 2014 Empties

There is something or the other we all have at our homes, that we don’t use and that thing just lies in a corner. 
I face the same problem, but somehow the empties post have had an effect on me and I am using up everything possible. 

So let’s see what I have used up in October. 

Dove Hair fall rescue conditioner:- I got this free with a dove shampoo. It is okay, not impressive. Not buying again.

Maybelline Colorama Roxo metallic:- I absolutely love the purple with blue shimmers. I used it up almost completely. Just a bit was left which dried. I will definitely get one more for myself.

Palmolive thermal spa Mineral massage body wash: - this lasted for quite a long time, I have been using this for almost 5 years now {not this bottle! This variant! :P} and I Loove it! This one is most probably the 15th bottle that I used up! 

I will buy this again! {Review full here}

October 2014 Empties ,Dove,palmolive,maybelline

October 2014 Empties ,tresemme

VOV nail polish in yellow:- this was sitting at the back of my nail polish rack, I have hardly used this twice but it dried up anyway, no problems cause I didn’t like it anyway.

Not buying this again, but I will have to buy a yellow nail polish very soon.

Tresemme salon silk moisture shampoo: - This did not suit my hair at all, so I gave it to my mom and it suits her hair type. This was basically used by me half and she used up the rest. 

Might buy this for Mom again, not for me. 

Non- branded nail polish remover pads:- when I reviewed this, I already said that I love it.
Buying this again for sure! {Read full review here}

October 2014 Empties

It has been a month since I posted my first empties post and I must say that these posts really make me feel good somehow!

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