I bought these and broke my shopping ban !

Don’t you feel guilty sometimes when you spend an insane amount of money shopping?
Well, the amount of money which can be called insane is different for each and every person.

Like, for instance, I am not much of a spender, so even if I spend a little bit more than what I had thought I start getting that guilty feeling!

So, I went on a shopping ban for a long time and I did not buy anything at all! And when I did finally shop, I shopped after 55 days to exact, then too I didn’t buy a looooot of things!

I got these few things and some clothes, I love shirts, so I bought a few shirts :D.

I had finished my nail polish removers, so I thought of trying the sally Hansel nail polish remover.

I got the perfection compact and the lipstick from the Streetwear Collection.

And since I am a nail polish junkie, I had to buy a nail polish!

It is the new launch from Maybelline , their Bright sparks collection and the shade is Spark of Steel ( Swatches and Review here ).

So I did not spend much and I broke my ban by purchasing these few things! :D and I still feel really good about it :).

Have you ever thought of going on a shopping ban ?? 

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