Luxury is for residents of every city! The Luxe Cafe ensures that ! website review 
Hello ! How are you today! I hope good and in a state of spending looot money! :) ;)

You must be wondering why I am saying this. Why I am asking you to spend a lot of money all of a sudden! Well, the reason being a wonderful initiative by the J.J.Valaya group which made me think about a lot of things! Luxury and that it is for all those who stay in the country! website review

Not only those who stay in the metropolitan cities. I sometimes think about it and really get angry because in our country cities like Mumbai and Delhi are only exposed to most of the luxury brands and amenities! I stay in Kolkata and here a lot of new launches take more than a month to reach! I mean that is pure frustrating! 

But what if you can know about everything that spells luxury staying in a non-metropolitan city? Won’t that be great!? 

All you have to do for that is log onto and the best part is that it is not limited to only material things! You get to know about the fine dining, traveling, etc. It is not limited to fashion , you have travel , leisure, motoring and the list goes on! website review

I have stayed in tier 2 cities almost all my life and I can tell you that people there have some serious moolah to spend but they cannot get the proper information, as to what they want to spend on really exists or not, or else they have to ask a lot of people to actually know about something they want. 

So, this initiative can be described as  India’s very own B2C e-platform dedicated to the global luxury market .  I think that “The Luxe Caféwill come in as the much needed bridge between all things luxury and its connoisseurs spread all across. website review

India’s very own b2c focused e-platform with curated content, dedicated to global luxury and fine living, was launched recently and can be accessed now at is fashioned as a virtual salon for the serious purveyors of luxurious living and has a distinct approach sharing first-hand information and a 360 degree view of elite lifestyle choices. This virtual café is poised to be a one-stop hangout for the connoisseurs of exclusive tastes, travels, technology and much more.

There are experienced writers, artists and design specialists working together to impart a distinctive look and feel to this e-zine that is reflective of its true credo. Also, there are selected industry experts directly engaging with the readers on how to make informed consumer choices. With all this packed in, The Luxe Café is poised to play a strategic role in the evolution of the ‘Luxe Consciousness’ in India. It is for all those who ever wanted to get first-hand, authentic information and advice on premium brands, and also for those who do not have convenient access to such brands/information.” website review

Out of their recent articles I love the “Kitchen secrets from India’s royal households”.

It is worth a read and has that subtle royal touch to it that makes it worthy for the elites. Apart from articles like this the website features exciting stories, reviews, experiential and tips. website review

What I like about the website is that it has carefully selected and written articles, by industry experts which make them worth reading and each of them is quite informative. 

The look and feel of the website is very good as it has been kept simple and minimalistic and what can be more luxurious than minimalism! And browsing through the website is also a breeze! 

So I would definitely recommend a visit to “The Luxe Café” for information on all things luxurious!

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