Healthy Child equals to happy home!

I am going to ask you something today?

What was your childhood like? 
Mine was all about playing, fighting with guys, falling down and then returning home with new cuts and bruises every day.  But , falling ill was not something I usually had to go through. 

Know why? Because my Mom and Dad ran after me around the house holding a spoonful of Chyawanprash  during the winters. I’ll be honest I used to haaate chyawanprash when I was a child. I made usually made all sorts of faces while finishing my daily quota.

But in the back of my mind I had to finish it up because I knew what my parents will have to go through if I fall sick. They used to get so upset. The atmosphere of my house used to go down in instant if I ever caught cold or had high fever. 

So, basically to avoid their sad faces I used to close my eyes and finish up my spoon of chyawanprash. :P

The same thing happens these days with my little brother. If he falls sick we all get so upset and I must agree that the youngest member in any family makes everything better every day in every household. 

But, it is same with my brother too in case of chyawanprash! I still eat chyawaprash , without making faces though! But my brother doesn’t!

So if you have a small child in your household as well then you must take care of his/her immunity because if the immunity of a child is good then you have to think about it less and be a little tension free yourself, save yourself the sadness :).

Winter is coming, we are well into autumn right now and the festive season is also knocking at the door. So, I am 100 percent sure than you would not want your youngest to fall sick! Right!? So please run after them if need be but make them eat chyawanprash daily! 

“Prevention is better than cure” it is said! And it is true! So make one spoon of chyawanprash everyday your prevention! It is simple, yet an effective way to keep illness at bay for your kid!
I will be honest with you here. I have tried a lot of chyawanprash! A variety of them, trust me! My parents have made sure of that! :D

But the simple chyawanprash from Dabur is the best ( pssstt! Psst! Tastes the best).
I have tried the ones with sona, chandi , hirra , jawahrat , etc but they taste horrible! (Yuck!)

My brother likes some flavored ones (not me though!), so do give them a try too!
So, I’ll say that a healthy child equals to happy home :D.
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