Kama Ayurveda is now in Kolkata at Quest Mall !

Kama Ayurveda store is in Kolkata now!! YIIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I am super, super excited about a new store in town! 
And guess what it is of an absolutely awesome luxury brand! (I wanted them to come to Kolkata for sooooooooooo long and finally they are here!!!) Kama Ayurveda stores are such a pleasure to visit, with the wonderful and holistic ambience! 

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

I am so happy to tell you that KAMA AYURVEDA has opened their first store in Kolkata, at Quest mall! 
This is their first flagship store in Kolkata and I am very happy because I can now go and buy whatever I want (I am not much of an online shopper).

And what is better than shopping exquisite stuff from and equally exquisite store!

 I hope that you already know about this brand, but if you don’t I would be glad to tell you who they are :).

Kama Ayurveda was started in 2002 and they have come a long way with their authentic and excellent quality of products. The company has partnered with the Coimbatore based Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in India. 

I like a lot of things about the brand, they are honest about the content of sls and parabens in their products. They will tell you which product is 100% natural and which is 95% natural, and honesty these days is a rare thing to find. 

They don’t test on animals (brownie points from me for this!).

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

Well, let me now tell you about the beautiful store they started their journey into Kolkata with. 

You step into the store and will realize how awesome it is. Chequered marble flooring (a personal favourite!) , jalousie shutters, luxurious teak and rattan cabinetry and the ivory walls, these are something which spell luxury in the Indian vintage way for me!

The interiors are exquisite like their packaging and have that beautiful Indian touch to it.

And yeah, the store is located on the first floor of Quest mall beside Vero Moda and opposite Wills Lifestyle. 

Sadly I am on a shopping ban right now , but I am so happy that I could control myself from buying the Vetiver water (khus) , you should totally get it, D-I-V-I-N-E  stuff!

But I will run to the store as soon as my 30 days are over (at least), and get the vetiver water and the lip balm and the French cypress essential oil and …… well I need to stop now  :P

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

The SAs are very nice and will help you pick the right product for sure. I personally think that if the staff behave nicely you would want to go back to any store again and I can say that you would love to go back to this store because of these three reasons,
1.Awesome products
2.Warm and friendly people
3.Luxurious Vintage interiors

Kama Ayurveda store at Quest Mall , Kolkata

You can also try and smell each  product before you buy! They have a tester for everything! :D
So, you better hurry and go shopping :D.

Do you stay in Kolkata?? Have you visited the store ??

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