Simple pink flower nail art

These days I am really running out of time for everything! I don’t have time to do anyyything I like! But finally I got relief for a few days and I am going to post a lot of things.
Do a lot of things , next week it’s my birthday week too ! :D. And for a long time I have been asking you to stay tuned for a new series on the blog! Next week I am going to start that ! :D *super excited*

Today I have a quick nail art post which I did a little hastily, but it turned out to be okay-okay.
Here are the pictures:-

I have used
Avon simply pretty wild berry for the flowers.

Wish you a very happy Independence day in advance :D.
And remember to stay tuned. Or follow my Instagram account for the sneak peaks ;).
Till then
Bye-bye , take care !

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