Father's Day nail art

After a long time I have a nail art for you all. Today it is for my Dad, on the occasion of father’s day.
Take a look and let me know how it is.

Father's Day nail art ,India

Father's Day nail art ,India

Father's Day nail art ,India

For this nail art I have used:-

Elle18 shade no. 40

Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party

Maybelline Color Show Miss-You-Blue

Maybelline Colorama Black

Avon Nail wear pro+ deluxe chocolate

Maybelline color show crystal clear

Father's Day nail art ,India

Father's Day nail art ,India

He is the best and number one for me so the three nails say that and the white shirt is what he likes to wear mostly apart from blue, his favourite color. And on my pinky finger I have the nail color I asked him to pick from my stash.

Today, it is international father’s day. I am a person who likes to celebrate these days explicitly because as human beings we often don’t speak out things, show some gesture without a push and a day dedicated to the person who is the support system for every child is needed. My father is the most down to earth and simplest person I have ever seen. My role model, my hero, my inspiration , my teacher , my constant support , he is a lot of things for me and showing my gratitude is just a small token of my love for my dad. I have always been awed by my parents both my Father and my Mother in every little way Possible. So, My brother and I made a card for him :) and I made this nail art to make him happy :).

Hope you like this. This is dedicated to my hero after all. :D

What are your plans today??

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