LUX White Impress bodywash review

LUX White Impress bodywash review, prices in India,socialnoise

Hey girls! How are you doing?! Spring(actually summer) season is here and I can see flowers everywhere! This riot of color really makes me excited and happy! May has started ! Four months are over of this year and soon my college is going to be over! *nostalgic and happy*. 

How many of you have spent your college life in Hostels/dorms??

Today I am reviewing a body wash I am absolutely in love with( because of it's fragrance) and really help me divert my mind from my hostel bathrooms! (One thing I HATE about my hostel life, ugh!) and I have almost used it up!

This is a new body wash from LUX; I received this as a sample from social noise. Not a sample size but a small bottle of 125 ml.

LUX White Impress bodywash review ,socialnoise

The Body wash is LUX White Impress. It claims to give all over body whitening.

It has mulberry extracts, honey and micro crystals. It claims to have a Unique triple action system and the fragrance is composed by world’s best perfume experts.

Package: - You will fall in love with the packaging. Love the bottle white bottle with a golden undertone. Has a tight flip cap and the bottle is sleek and has a unique shape. Has a matte cover. The shape of the bottle is the unique, a trademark of this range by lux.

LUX White Impress bodywash review ,socialnoise

Product: - The body wash is white in color and is shiny, I am guessing because of the micro crystals. Has very small pink beads and tiny but visible golden balls which has a transparent liquid which comes out when the balls bursts. Foam nicely and creates a good lather. Consistency is a bit on the thicker side. You would require just a little bit of this on your loofha for one use.

LUX White Impress bodywash review ,socialnoise

My experience:-As far as the whitening is concerned I can say it doesn’t work for me, but it certainly gives a glowing skin. This makes by skin just a little bit dry and I have normal skin. So in case of dry skin this might be very drying. The only upside is the beautiful fragrance which really makes my day. And mostly because of that I am giving this a 4.

You can skip this product if you want but if you like body washes with good fragrance you can try this out.

Price: - 70 INR
Quantity: - 125 ml
Rating: - 4/5

Have you tried this body wash?? Or any other whitening body wash??

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