Soulflower Avocado oil review

Indian beauty blog - Soulflower Avocado oil review Hello again!  How are you doing today! How is your hair today! Havi...

Indian beauty blog - Soulflower Avocado oil review

Hello again! 

Soulflower Avocado oil review

How are you doing today! How is your hair today! Having a bad hair day?? Or a good hair day! I for one am very happy as today I am having a good hair day, to be very honest I have had very less bad hair days since I have started using Avocado oil for my hair! 

So, today I am going to tell you about Soul flower’s cold pressed avocado oil, which is carrier oil.
Soulflower Avocado oil review

A carrier oils are an extracted from the fatty parts and essential oils are extracted from the aromatic of partially dry parts like petals, bark etc. Avocado is a fruit and the oil is carrier oil, so you can use it directly on your hair.

I have seen a lot of homemade hair masks made of avocado pulp, but unfortunately in India we cannot get the fruit. So, when I bought this I thought “the oil might help a bit“.
I got this last month and have been using since, mixed with coconut oil. And I am happy with the results. If you have frizzy and dull hair like me, you must give it a try because it is totally worth it!

Soulflower Avocado oil review

Package: - A glass small bottle with a screw cap and has a fixed dropper in it. The bottle is tinted brown and almost all these type of oils are available in brown tinted bottles as some of them might react with sunlight and become toxic! (Not joking!)

Product: - The oil has no color, has high viscosity. Spreads nicely and gets absorbed into the scalp quickly. No smell. It blends easily with other essential oils.

My experience: - A good quality avocado oil, makes hair shiny indeed.

Soulflower Avocado oil review

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for everyone, especially for those who have frizzy, dull hair.

Have you tried avocado oil?? Or avocado hair mask?

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  1. I havenot used avocado oil and I had no idea it was available :P
    Now I know how to keep dull hair at bay.
    But isn't it a bit costly?
    BTW, nice detailed pictures Priyanjana :* <3

    1. If you have not then I would ask you to !
      I think it is moderately priced , 350 for 30 ml is not great but Okay :)
      Thank you darling ! :*

  2. nice post.. good hair oil is essential :-) this one seems great!! #bsp

  3. thanks for the update.
    i have tried their soap and loved it.
    besides that i am yet to try the other range

  4. I have soulflower jojoba oil which I really love as a hair gloss. I am now keen on trying this one.

  5. This looks nice Priyanjana :)

  6. i have tried their cold pressed olive oil! this sounds great too :)


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