Resonable nail polish remover swipes (no brand) review

Hey everybody! Spring is here and I can see flowers everywhere! Isn’t it exciting!?
Well, while playing Holi, festival of COLORS, I severely hurt my nails and I don’t even want to tell how bad a condition my cuticles are in right now, for that matter I have thought of not doing nail art for the time being until my nails are completely okay again. 

Anyways I have got a lot of pending reviews and DIY post, so for now I’ll be posting them first. Have you checked out my recent DIY tutorial??
But again today I am going to review a nail related product. This is not from any particular brand. 
This is a nail polish remover, I first saw this in my hostel, my friend had these with her, she is from Delhi and she bought it from there. The one she had was strawberry variant. I saw this work so I asked her to bring one for me the next time she goes home. And, she recently went to Delhi, and being such a darling she is, she brought me this nail polisher remover! I did not even remind her! Told you she is a darling! :D

Well, the now let’s get on with the product. 

It is from a company named Swiss beauty, never heard of them, but this stuff really works. So, I thought of giving it a try! They have more spelling mistakes than I can ever imagine.

Package: - Comes in round box, with a screw lid, the color of the box is dependent on the variant. My box is orange as mine is an orange variant. My friend had a dark pink box as her variant was strawberry. The box is very small, so very easy to carry. And you don’t have to think about the liquid!

Product: - The nail polish remover is actually kind of a “nail wipes”, there are 32 very thin wipes. Like the one I have on my palm, round shaped and when you hold it, you will feel as if the wipe is completely dry. But it has the remover and easily removes the nail polish.

My experience: - though it is not even a remotely known brand, it does the work perfectly.  It has a fruity orange fragrance that is not overbearing at all. After wiping the nail the nail has a kind of liquid film on it and the nail or the cuticle is not dry and since I have got deep set nails, it is really easy to remove the nail polish with this. One wipe easily removes the nail polish of both hands and even feet (I had only one coat on my feet though).All in all reasonable and a good product. 

I would recommend this, that is, if you can find it!

Price: - 30 INR
Quantity: - 32 wipes

Doesn’t dry out nails.
Doesn’t smell bad, in fact, has a good fragrance.
Very convenient,easy to carry.
No extra cotton required.
Reasonable (very cheap actually)
Easy to use.
Lasts long.

No formula known.
Availability is an issue.

The nail polish I have on my nails is Avon simply pretty true rose.

Have you tried anything like this before?? Would you like to??

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