Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Olive Review

Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Olive Review
I recently reviewed my first lipstick ever and now again I am back with something I bought for the first time, Though I bought this the last year so I have been using this since last year. My own first eyeliner. Before this I used to apply my Mom’s plain black eyeliner, On the very rare occasions I used to do anything!

Like I said 2014 bringing a lot of first times! So, I am going to review this BEAUTIFUL color today, a color that can make your eyes talk! ;)

This is the Lakme absolute shine line in Olive. A beautiful dark green, somewhat like bottle green. And has a very light leafy green undertone.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Olive Review

Brush: - A very thin and long brush with the cap of the bottle as handle and very easy to draw precise lines. The cap of the bottle is a very sleek metallic plastic gun metal colored cylinder.

Package: - A very chic sleek plastic package , a cylindrical small bottle. Perfect to carry around in your purse! The bottle is transparent with the name of the shade at the base of the bottle.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Olive Review

Color and consistency: - A very quick drying product, with a superb consistency. Not too runny nor thick. Glides over your eye lid. The shine comes from very, very small shimmers. Not shimmer but it is indeed shiny.

My take :-
Stays for quite a long time on me, my eyelids have normal skin . It is not water proof and that is a “pro” of this product for me .Some times when you are very tired just washing of is needed and especially when the only thing you have on your face is eye liner! :D
It is perfect to lend that edgy, different look when you are in a hurry. It adds a pop of color and just the right amount of it! It has a very subtle shine and color and doesn’t go overboard.
I have also reviewed the color Smoky grey from the same range. You can see the detailed review here.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line in Olive Review

I would Highly Recommend this, but those who want water proof makeup should skip this.

Price:- 300 INR
Quantity:- 4.5 ml

Have you tried any other color from this range of eyeliners?? Which color??

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