"Patched up love" nail art

Hello everybody !

I am really really sorry for being M.I.A. this week. It is because I was taking an Internet detox time ( actually I couldn't get access to internet at all, hehe :D ).

Patched up love nail art

 Like in my last post I said that I was extremely busy during the valentine's week so i have to tell you that I have a whole lot of posts pending ! and I am posting them starting from today ! :). 
So stay tuned for a lot of reviews and tutorials :D

For now check this out :)

And  this week Masaba Gupta opened door to her first outlet in Kolkata !! Soo excited ! I am absolutely a sucker for prints !

I spent the whole week watching witches of east end !! loved it !

First I am posting my first valentine theme nail art I had done. 

Using pink and white just the two colors I like. I tried to keep it really simple, But you might be wondering why did I name this as patched up love!

I'll tell you :D. On my index finger and thumb you can see that there is a kind of stitched effect. So , That's why I named it this way. And also because true love is not so easy to get in real life. You tend to break your heart and you also have to mend it :). That is also a side of love. So, That is the reason I named it as patched up love :).

So here it goes :)

Patched up love nail art

Patched up love nail art

Patched up love nail art
I have used two colors

Maybelline Colorama : Sexy
Maybelline Color Show : Porcelain Party 

Hope you like this simple nail art :) 

Stay tuned for more .

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