" Trip down the nail art lane " Challenge Day 7

It is the last day of the nail art challenge and I must say that I have mixed feeling. Mixed because there were not many participants but then Jessie from Nailed it NZ participated which made me extremely happy ! :D . The day's theme is to recreate the nail art which got you the most number of compliments

So today I had to try out something that got me a lot of compliments and for me some of my best nail arts are not here on the blog and those which are on the blog out of those these two , the Vintage rose nail art and the red and golden glitter nail art were the most complimented.

And since I did the Vintage rose here on day 4 of the challenge , today I thought of doing the red and golden glitter nail art. but there too was a problem. Since I used craft glitters , and those were not exactly powder glitters  , I had to look out for those as that was the last time I used those.
So for today I had to use powder golden glitter. Which I might say doesn't look much different when you look at it from a distance :)

So here are the pictures of the nail art for the last day :)

Day 7 Red and golden glitter nail art

Day 7 Red and golden glitter nail art

Day 7 Red and golden glitter nail art

I used The Lakme Absolute Gel stylist Scarlet Red ( I'll be reviewing this very soon)

And I must say that this came up at a perfect time cause I have a wedding to attend from tomorrow onwards and red and golden is a perfect combination to go with the ethnic dresses :D!! Yayyy!!

Day 7 Red and golden glitter nail art

Now time for the rules one last time :)

The rules 
1.The post must be new and done for the challenge.

2.No etsy shop, no giveaways links here please.

3.Add this post's link to the post your are entering here. 

 4.Pin any picture you like from this post (optional).  

5. Since it is the last day , I would request you to put the blog hop link to your own post too. 

Thank you 


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