Maybelline Color Show Coral Craze review and swatches

Hey everybody,
It’s the 29th of January. Almost a month has passed by of this New Year. How is it treating you? I finished a week long nail art challenge which I held this year and enjoyed a lot. You can check out all the entries here. And I am super excited to tell you that I now have a you tube channel  now !

I am gonna show you a little crazy thing today in my second-most favorite color, Coral
It is the shade from the Maybelline color show range, named “Coral craze”. 
And this is my first Coral anything (well, in case of cosmetics), I’ve got a lot of other stuff in coral. Like dresses and accessories. 

But I must say this now, that this color has made its way to number two on my nail color list (first is red and always will be ;) ). This color from Maybelline is a kind of  “Luminous “ or "neon-ish" color but in the pictures it seems a little different. 

I used this color for making a gradient nail art for the nail art challenge. 

About the product:-

As I mentioned in case of Velvet Wine, its is pretty good. No complains :D

Name :- Coral Craze
Quantity :- 6ml
Price :- 75

About this particular color 

Consistency: - Is absolutely fine. A little thicker than Velvet wine. I guess due to the absence of glitters.
Here the color is after one coat (a thick coat at that) :D

Brush: - Same as velvet wine or Porcelain party .

Takes a little too much time to dry, but that’s okay.
Chipped out a little after 3 days 
All in all a lovely color, so-so consistency, economical. 

I would rate this 4 out of 5. 

What do you think about it! Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy yourselves.

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