Dove Elixir giveaway prize

Hello again everyone today !
This seems to be a day of giveaways :)

On 30th of last year ! 2013 that is ! I received a big parcel again when I was returning home from somewhere ! I just then I thought That it must be the parcel i had been waiting for !

The dove elixir giveaway goodies ! This giveaway was held by Ritu Rajput of ! And I can't tell you how excited I was about the giveaway  even before being one amongst the lucky three ! :) and a big thanks to her !

but one thing i did not know was that I would only win get 1/3 rd of the whole hamper ! well that made me a tad bit less excited  cause i was waiting for the book too :), but then this is not any less! c'mon this is just as great !! and I was equally happy :)

But there was this wonderful thing that I lost to the towel (hehehe) , that is a lot of precious lavender oil !!!!!!! If you read my blog you would know that i can not do without lavender oil at all! and loss of that amount of essential oil was like a mini heart attack !! what happened was that the bottle of lavender oil spilled ! but doesn't matter the bottle itself is very beautiful ! :)

So here is the list of what I received

1.A sweet soft loofah 
2.A hand towel 
3.A lemon fragrance potpourri (yippeeee!!!)
4.The bottle of lavender oil !
 Last but not  the least (actually the hero)

Dove Elixir Rose and Almond oil for hair fall control !! ( will be reviewing real soon)

And the best part of all of this is the whole thing was neatly wrapped and tied with a red ribbon !! :D

And in a weaved cane basket !!!

stay tuned for the review of Rose and almond oil :)

till then spread some love of the new year :)


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