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Roses again!
Like it is said!

Best things in Life are free

I assure you these lovely flowers are gonna be the best part of your day :)
These few paper roses are just amazing ,
I  made these and loved it !

But the pictures I got of them were nothing , in front of these cute pictures so I thought why not directly link up these flowers with the owners of these templates!

These are very easy !

Print the templates 
cut out the pieces of your flower
follow the tutorials 
and you'll have a lovely flower!

I loved the fact here that I can choose any paper for my rose!!
so much to experiment!

You'll get these in lovely different colours!!

and My favorite


The last but not the least!
how could i forget to include this one!!!

4. By diyordont

This is just a little different from the others!

These flowers are my fav!

make anything out of these roses
and brighten up your day 

And the best part is !

They stay the same forever !

Note:- The pictures in the post are not my property and belong to the mentioned blogs.

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